Windows 7: It’s Coming and Here’s The Latest From Microsoft

Cell phones are a VERY, VERY important part of our lives. For some, it’s a powerful communication tool for talking, SMS and email (that’s me). For others they use it for social media, apps and more.
Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone have dominated the buzz and media attention. RIM’s BlackBerry continues to hold respectable marke tshare and create new devices to remain competitive.
But as the Wall Street Journal writes:
Microsoft Corp. has struggled for the past two years in the mobile-phone market. But CEO Steve Ballmer says his company finally has a compelling story.
On Oct. 11, Microsoft and its partners plan to announce the initial wave of handsets that will use Windows Phone 7, a thoroughly overhauled version of the company’s cellphone operating system. Mr. Ballmer believes the software will compete more effectively against Apple Inc.’s iPhone and Google Inc.’s Android operating system.
Microsoft has gotten more aggressive against Android in other ways. The company filed a lawsuit Friday against Motorola Inc., alleging the handset maker is infringing Microsoft patents in its Android phones. Motorola vowed to fight the suit.
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