4 Ways Technology Can Create Differentiation in Your Business

Originally on OPEN Forum…
At New York Entrepreneur Week 2011 we heard several inspiring presentations. One of the presentations we heard was from pianist Eric Lewis – ELEW. Lewis’ piano playing is a fusion of rock and jazz. It’s not just the melodic tones of jazz, nor is it the grinding tones of rock music; it’s a beautiful blend. What was inspiring about the presentation he weaved into his piano playing was the story of how his business really grew when he thought of how could he differentiate himself from other pianists.
Most pianists sit on a bench as they perform. Lewis, however, stands and positions his legs in ways that you have probably never seen a pianist do. He also has bright, shiny armor on his arm, which attracts the attention of photographers.
What does this have to do with technology?
If you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, consider how you can use technology to stand out. Keep in mind that lawyers, accountants, designers, programmers, marketing gurus and many other professions are NOT unique. They are all relatively basic and it’s hard to tell one company from the next. Your prospective and current customers probably don’t know how YOU are different than your competition.
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