5 Reasons To Create A Strategy For Online Video In 2011

Video company Pixability thinks that 2011 will be the year small businesses to more with video.
They conducted a survey sent to 2,000 small and medium-sized prospects and customers, the survey focused on current business video usage and business video plans for the next year among growing businesses across various industry sectors.
The survey results point to an increasing demand for business video production, utilization, and marketing. Over 80% of the survey respondents shared they plan to produce at least two videos within the next year, with 30% of those aiming to make ten or more. In addition, 96% of the respondents said that they have added or are planning to add business video to their website within the next 12 months.
According to their press release, top reasons for creating business videos include promoting their business across social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, followed by the need to publish content on their own websites, email and newsletter communications.
“The survey confirms that video is the hot new marketing tool for small businesses,” said Bettina Hein, founder and CEO of Pixability. “We have seen a steady demand for our video services, with 30% of our customers coming back for multiple videos.”
What about you? If you have not started creating video for your business, as a strategic communication tool, you’re missing out on a powerful way to educate your customers and develop a stronger brand with new and prospective customers.
Creating Video enables you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition. As many businesses are still NOT doing video, you’ll be a leader in your market niche.
  • Let your customers feel a stronger connection to your personal brand, beyond the corporate logo, but to connect with YOU
  • Increase the visibility of your business. Great video is going to be shared much more than a simple blog post
  • To be seen as an expert in the field. As you build your video channel your peers, journalists, customers and others will see your knowledge in new ways
  • Shift the power of visibility from main stream media to the online world. If you’re video is really good and well marketed you might get more traction from your online video channel than TV

One thought on “5 Reasons To Create A Strategy For Online Video In 2011

  1. rseastman

    Hmmm. I see this as possibly a “Good news / bad News” kind of thing. While I have heard anecdotal reports of an increasing use of video, I must say that I find the overwhelming majority of videos on the Internet (with the possible exception of YouTube) to be mindnumbingly uninteresting.
    In an article just published on the SMB Research blog, 10 Best Practices For a Better Website, http://smbresearch.net/blog/betterwebsites/, I urge companies to approach video cautiously (and imaginatively!) if at all, rather than rushing headlong into this.
    More thoughts and suggested Best Practices over at the SMB Research blog.
    One of our recommended Best Practices, by the way: that every blog post’s author be identified by name, with full contact info.
    Just sayin’.
    Bob Eastman
    Managing Director / Analyst
    SMB Research
    Boston, MA 02205
    reastman at smbresearch (dot) net
    pursuit of a fad

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