AOL Is Redesigning Its Web Site. Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Too.

The Wall Street Journal writes that AOL is re-designing it’s web page In the face of steep declines in ad revenue and traffic to its sites, AOL Inc. plans to unveil next week another redesign of its home page that will more prominently feature its original news, entertainment and other content, according to people familiar with the matter.‬
Do you regularly analyze your web site and think about how it should be redesigned?
Here’s 5 reasons why you should:

  1. Review your web analytics and see if your visitors have to click too much to get to the content they want.
  2. Check out your internal search results to see what customers are searching on. This will show you what’s most popular. Does your web site reflect what people are searching on?
  3. Look at the inbound links to your web site to help you determine what inbound traffic is most popular.
  4. Ask 5 people to visit your web site and critique it. I bet their critique will be invaluable and insightful information for you.
  5. Check out your competition and see what they are doing right that you can emulate.

I’m sure you can think of other reasons, but if you go through these five points above, I bet you’ll find plenty of reasons why you should upgrade and refresh your web site.

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  1. josephsmith

    Small business owners need to monitor whether their investment in a website is providing a good return. Are your products and services easy to buy? If they aren’t, you are wasting time and money and probably doing more harm than good.

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