Are You Losing Customers Who Are Shopping Via Their Smartphones

instamobilescreenshot.pngAs more and more users are accessing web sites from their smartphones, it’s very important for you to consider enabling your web site for mobile users.
You could have your entire web site programmed for a mobile browser or you might want to start small, which I recommend, and have key parts of your web site ready for mobile browsers. There are many services, such as InstaMobile which can help you do this.
Accessing a traditional web site on a phone and scrolling back and forth is a pain and you’ll lose customers to your competition which is only a click away.
Keep in mind, another neat option, especially for very small retail based businesses, is to ensure your profile on Google Places, Yelp, MerchantCircle and other directories is completely setup. It costs you nothing but a few minutes to claim your listing and ensure all the information is accurate.
InstaMobile is a service which helps retailers to get ‘native’ mobile commerce applications (which their customers can download from an appstore) and almost instantaneously start selling their goods on mobile devices. InstaMobile uses/hooks into etailers existing ecommerce platform on the backend, so there is no need for them to learn anything new.
Shishir Danani, CEO, InstaMobile, shared his insight with me.

Why do etailers need to have a specific tool to enable selling online

Retailers can sell their goods on mobile devices using either a mobile optimized website, a web based mobile application or a native application. The first 2 do not have a very good user experience/buying experience. Also, research shows that consumers who download a retailers native mobile application tend to buy more from that retailer and at higher price points that that on the web. This is the reason why most of the large retailers have their own native mobile applications or are in the process of developing one.

What’s the difference between an etailer that is not specifically selling for mobile devices vs one that just has a traditional web site?

According to a study by TBI research, mobile online shopping has been experiencing accelerated growth and is likely to continue growing at over 150%. The demographic of smartphone users is attractive to etailers. Retailers realize that this is a big opportunity for retailers & the ones that do not focus on this segment will be left behind. The consumer buying behavior and experience on mobile devices is very different. Hence, etailers need to have a proper mobile strategy in place.