Being Mobile Sucks If You’re Not Ready. A Phone Is Simply Not Enough.

Having a phone is great but the phone is completely useless to you if you do not have the right software installed to make it as productive as possible. “Apps” are great, but I’m not referring to a bunch of apps for your entertainment. I’m referring to applications and mobile ready online services that can help you make money.
We all know the important of applications, and I encourage you to download those that will make you most productive. What you should also be aware of are mobile ready web sites that work very well with the small screen of your smarthpone. There is no application to download but you can visit a web site that’s mobile ready.
For example, SlideRocket, an online presentation tool (competing with Microsoft PowerPoint) recently released a mobile version of its web site which enables its customers to not only access the power of SlideRocket from their regular computer web browsers, but also from their smartphones.
As more people use iPads, Android and Windows based tablets and smartphones, mobile ready web sits, which enable productivity are important.
SlideRocket also released the results of a national survey which gives insight into the habits of mobile professionals.
The survey demonstrates the importance of mobile devices and presentations in business travel. The survey reveals that more than a quarter of business travelers (27%) frequently leave their laptops at home when traveling with a smartphone or iPad. When traveling for business, professionals would rather leave their house unlocked than leave without their mobile device. The survey also reveals that 90% deliver sales presentations outside of the office and that the iPad is becoming increasingly desirable for presenting in these situations.
You can read the full survey here.

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