Book Review: Attention! This Book Will Make You Money (Jim F. Kukral)

I find that one of the biggest parts about attracting new customers and keeping the ones you have is not the mechanics of email marketing, web sites, blogs, social media or traditional advertising.
It’s not even so much about measuring and metrics. Although these things are very important.
What’s very, very important is having the creativity to get attention.
Let’s take something as “boring” as bread baking. You’re a baker and people come to your store to buy your baked goods and you even sell it online. You have a newsletter with your sale of the week and new recipes. But how can you go beyond these things and really get attention.
Why not have a customer spotlight and highlight a customer’s business and take a photo of your bread being eaten in THEIR business. Or do a spoof video about how your bread helps them get more customers or be more productive. Now that’s FUN and interesting and will bring life to your newsletter. Right?
Jim F. Kukral’s book Attention: This Book Will Make You Money is a treasure chest of ideas in how to market your business with attention getting strategies.
When you finish reading Jim’s book it’s going to stir your mind. Prior to reading his book, your mind was like a still pond. Cute, nice and peaceful. But not profitably moving like a raving river. After reading Jim’s book, your mind will be stirred with ideas, which you can implement immediately.
It’s easy for “attention” gurus to spout nonsense, but Attention: This Book Will Make You Money gives you real stories of real success (and not so success) in getting attention.