Can Your Security Software Handle Macs and External Devices?

The only reason Windows based computers get more viruses than Macs is because they are more popular and more businesses have PC’s. However, as Macs become used by more and more of us, hackers will start to devote more attention to them.
External devices that connect to computers and your network, such as USB drives are a big source for spreading malware, viruses and other malicious code.
So, is your anti-virus product up to the challenge of protecting you from these threats? If not you need to upgrade or switch.
Trend Micro recently launched version 7 of its Worry Free business security suite. This service has some good improvements in it, including support for Mac computers and controlling network/computer connected devices.

Here’s some information on protecting yourself from these two threats:

Device control: One of the most notorious threats in 2010, Conficker, was partly spread by infected USB sticks and other attachable devices.Its convenience and portability has made it another infection pathway. Small businesses that are challenged with managing and tracking the movements of USB devices can now, with this new feature, control access to USB drives and other attached devices to prevent data loss and block threats. Businesses can restrict access to USB ports to avoid anyone copying information to portable USB drives.
Integrated Mac client protection: Macs are great for small businesses that want a solid, reliable product that will keep up with its users’ busy schedules. But if company data and information are stored on Macs, small businesses can’t ignore security. The integrated Mac client protection feature is perfect for small businesses that are running both Macs and Windows® because it allows them to secure their iMacs®, Mac Servers®, and MacBooks® without purchasing or managing additional solutions. The feature’s single console includes security status and configuration for both platforms.