Color Printing…Just A Reminder It’s Cost Effective In Two Ways

When you hit the print button, what do you print in? Color or black and white.
I know color has been expensive but printer vendors continue to innovate to bring down the cost of laser and ink jet color printing.
Color printing is effective in two ways.

  • First of all the per page price continues to decrease.
  • Second, you’ll get more attention for whatever you’re printing (be it for clients or the guy in the next cubicle) if its printed in color.

epson-printer-b510_fca-oor_396x264.jpgEpson, through a press release, said that Veterans Financial, Inc. is spreading the word about a little known benefit that is surprising many wartime veterans and their families – who may be eligible for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Aid and Attendance benefit to help with costs for independent or assisted living, nursing homes or in-home care. One of the cost-saving office tools that Veterans Financial uses to keep veterans, families or senior-living companies up to speed is the Epson B-510DN business color ink jet printer.
The take away?
If you’re not printing in color, you should definitely consider doing it. You might be losing out on some contracts or your documents might not be getting the attention they deserve.