Constantly Evaluate Your Tech Sales Tools To Increase Productivity and Efficiency

McKinsley Quarterly recently wrote an article about how the growth of online tools is making lazy sales persons. They write that companies are investing in online tools, but not investing enough in training sales staff to sell more.
The Quarterly writes Retailers as far back as the legendary pioneer Marshall Field once focused intensely on clinching sales once customers walked into stores. But recently, the industry has been missing opportunities to make sales. New technologies, extensive retailer Web sites, mobile-shopping tools, and in-store Internet kiosks have separated customers from sales associates. Content to let consumers research products independently, many retailers have been reducing in-store sales staff and eliminating commission-based models. This approach has resulted in lower costs, but it has also reduced incentives for those left on the floor to make sales. (Read the full article here)
McKinsey is right, but I got another perspective from their article:
Growing businesses need to constantly evaluate their technical sales tools to ensure that the tools they are using and the tools they should be using are WORKING FOR THEM as 24/7 automated sales tools:
Email marketing: Many of us use email marketing. But are you looking at ways to integrate social media into the process? Are you looking at ways to segment your audience and increase sales to each person. See our webinars with Campaigner here.
Web sites: Sure the web site is one of the oldest communication platforms but are you periodically evaluating how you can refresh and upgrade your web site to ensure it’s a powerful sales tool for your business.
What about your smartphones. Are you consulting with your mobile guru about ways to do more than talking and txting on the phone. But ways to help boost your “out of office” sales?
The aspect of automation is so important, especially for smaller businesses with very limited resources. Maybe you are producing an event, is there a way you can use technology to help automate some of the more manual marketing processes.
These are just a few technologies and there are many more that you need to periodically evaluate to ensure you are maximizing your sales with these tools.