Digital Signage: Bigger Than Facebook and Cheaper Than TV

HP’s launched a new line of signage displays that make it easy to spread your message, in public areas of your office or other captive environments.
These days, it is tough to decide where your marketing budget should be spent. For some businesses, traditional advertising on radio or TV is simply too expensive. Many companies turn to the web to attract a larger, online audience of customers that they can serve through an online presence. But what if you have a traditional “brick and mortar” business? This is where digital signage can help you standout, and the statistics might surprise you.
According to a new Arbitron study, digital video displays in public venues reach more Americans each month (70%) than video over the Internet (43%) or Facebook (41%). In addition, the top five places to reach consumers with digital video are grocery stores (28% of the U.S. population aged 12 or older), shopping malls (27%), large retail or department stores (20%), medical offices (20%) and movie theaters (19%). (Personally, I think they forgot the displays in NY cabs here as a major market. Talk about a captive audience.)
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