Do You Know Why Customers Aren’t Finishing Purchase At Your Web Site?

I’m sure you are relatively happy that customers are buying from you, online. However, do you know how many customers are NOT buying from you? Even worse, do you know how many customers are shopping on your web site but not going all the way and buying? Do you know what to do about it and how to capture these sales?
One way to do this is to reach out, by email, to customers who have started to shop at your web site but have not completed their purchases.
RevenueExpect recently launched a service to help you gain deeper insight into shopping cart abandonment and a solution to capture those formerly lost customers.
revenue-expect-logo.png“We are seeing shopping cart abandonment rates of up to 70 percent,” said Josh Pierry, founder and CEO, RevenueExpect. “SMBs are finding they can improve customer service and increase sales by as much as 20 percent. RevenueExpect is the only product designed and priced for SMBs at $50 per month. Many customers see an immediate jump in online sales and find the product pays for itself in 24 hours.”
Google Analytics is great, but its only limited to web traffic, not SHOPPING CART traffic, and this traffic is what can make or break your online sales.