Don’t Let Fast Growth Cause Information Silos To Slow You Down

One of the challenges that growing businesses face is that no longer can the team meet around the table in the lounge and get up to speed on things. As your business grows you have more staff, more customers, more processes to track and more of everything.
It’s important to leverage technology to enable you to ensure you can see your entire company and respond to any challenges with operations. These challenges can be low inventory, an uptick in sales, lost customer orders and more.
SAP shared with me how Ohio-based JGB Distributing overcame it’s challenges.
In the distribution industry, no small business can afford to get caught in the fence of inefficient supply chain management. JGB Distributing Inc., an Ohio-based distributor of Invisible Fence Brand products and components, struggled with a non-integrated IT system which hindered the distributor’s ability to process inventory efficiently and effectively.
Through a rapid 11-week implementation with the help of partner Softengine Inc., JGB was able to streamline their entire dealer-order to customer invoice-processes with SAP Business One. Business One has provided JGB with the integrated functionality to support the distributor’s core functions, including financials, sales, inventory management and operations both efficiently and affordably. JGB now has the ability to place orders and deliver products to their warehouse in as little as five minutes, rather than the two hours it typically took with their legacy IT system. The success of SAP Business One is evident in JGB’s two latest acquisitions, leading them to achieve a 40% North American market share.
With almost 100 employees and $32 million in revenue JGB is a “larger” small business, I’d say even a mid-size business. However, the challenges it’s facing are, I’m sure, some of the challenges, some of you are facing as well.
Very small businesses, as I was discussing with the CEO of yesterday, can rely on less complicated systems to help them manage their cash flow and basically ensure that they are making more money than they are spending.
However as your business grows, from $500,000 in revenue, to $2 million to $10 million you need more feature rich and complex systems that can ensure you can see into all areas of your business and have no walled information silos.