Ensure Black Friday Is Not Red For Your Business. Create A Mobile Accessible Web Site. Insight from PriceGrabber

Last week, Melania Attia, Product Manager for Campaigner (but I call her the email marketing guru) spoke on our webinar about how non-retailers can leverage and take advantage of the holidays through email marketing. You can find all of our webinars here.
Sure, retail stores and product centric businesses do massive amounts of email around this time, but non-retail businesses can do so as well.
The other thing that’s important for retail and non-retail customers to consider is making your content available on a mobile browser.
PriceGrabber said in a recent press release This year consumers will find new ways to shop other than the traditional trip to brick and mortar stores or going online from their computers. Survey data reveals that 36 percent of consumers plan to use their mobile phones for shopping-related activities this holiday season. Of this 36 percent, 32 percent plan to shop from their mobile phones on Black Friday. Sixteen percent plan to shop from their mobile phones on Cyber Monday, and 10 percent will shop from their mobiles on Thanksgiving Day.
“Mobile phones will play a vital role in Black Friday shopping this year. We expect to see consumers comparing prices, searching for coupons and making purchases from their mobile phones while shopping from their homes and in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday,” stated Laura Conrad, president of PriceGrabber. “We also expect to see shoppers arm themselves for Black Friday shopping with comparison shopping applications, like the PriceGrabber apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The most successful Black Friday retailers will be those that demonstrate the most value to consumers, not just in their own store but when compared with other brick-and-mortar and online retailers.”

Just do a Bing or Google search on mobile web sites and you’ll find dozens of free and fee based services that can help transform all or part of your web site into a smartphone friendly web browsing experience.
As your customers are going online from their smartphones and going to YOUR web site, ensure you give them a pleasant experience.
Of course ensuring your web site is mobile friendly is only ONE aspect of ensuring your online sales and communications are a success. You also need to ensure your web site looks great (for regular web browsers), email marketing, social media, local marketing and other elements of marketing and customer acquisition are in place.