Give Your Web Form(s) An Upgrade and Analyze User Interaction

All of us have forms on our web sites that we use to collect information. Most of the times the form is used in the “contact us” part of the web site for people to…contact us.
These forms work pretty well, for the most part. However, I’m sure there’s some of you who wish you form could do more, you wish it had some intelligence built into it. For example, instead of just going to one person, why not have it routed to several. Maybe you want to form to have some intelligence built into it, based on what answer the user gives.
formstack.pngThis is not impossible to do nor complex, if you have the right tool. There are many web form tools on the market, just Bing or Google for it. However, one tool I had a look at was Formstack it’s pretty neat.
It offers intelligent routing but also analytics so you can see details about how your form is (or is not) being used.
I know you’re used to reviewing analytics of of your web site overall, but now you can get deep insight about your forms as well.
Analytics are such an important part of knowing what works and what doesn’t work in your online marketing, sales and overall communication strategy.