If You Don’t Make Noise, Companies Can’t Listen. Google’s Continuous Development Cycle

What’s frustrating about technology is when you want to do something and find that you can’t do it as the feature is not available. Big (and small) companies have a variety of priorities in their product development cycles. But the most important criteria, for any company serious about servicing their customers, is to LISTEN to them.
I was recently speaking with Jonathan Rochelle, product manager of Google Apps, to get an update on what Google Apps is up to, as it relates to growing businesses.
During our conversation, one thing Jonathan kept stressing was how Google constantly listens to its customers through a variety of means including email, blog comments and discussion boards.
An example of this “listening” Jonathan explained was that Google recently enabled editing of documents from mobile devices and not just viewing. This sounds simple, but for some reason Google didn’t have it. Based on user feedback, mobile editing is now available.
I told him that I was also surprised to see that Google did not enable adding users to Google Docs, while on a mobile device. Jonathan said this was also a huge request of users. Guess what? They’ll enable that soon as well.

If you have a vested interest in seeing a product you use get better. Be an active participant in user groups, forums and discussion boards

Smart companies actively LISTEN to their customers. But if you’re not talking, they can’t hear you.