Is Your Web Site A Digital Fortress Or A Plastic Gumball Machine?

There are thousands of web hosts that you can choose from to host your web site. There are giant web hosts such as Yahoo, GoDaddy, Verio, Intuit and dozens of others web hosts that offer template based do it yourself web site designs and traditional hosts for professional web developers.
Generally speaking web sites are pretty much the same. However, for those of you who make transactions that need to be highly secure, there is a difference – all web site are not the same.
While every web host wants to ensure its user’s data is as secure as possible, some web hosts are doing their best to take security up a notch and be even more secure.
In a recent press release, web host Firehost writes that they’ve added hundreds of high-target, high-traffic websites and applications to its’ secure servers. Cgate Health, a mobile health lab solution for providers and laboratories, chose FireHost because of the critical need to protect all of the patient data collected in its’ Web application.

A Firehost representative told me that 100% of responsibility for protecting a web site falls on the small business owner, who (more times than not) doesn’t have security expertise when building their forms, programs, etc. Traditional hosting providers that have a client hit by an attack just dust their hands of the problem. That’s why FireHost has been so successful with SMBs. They will intervene, find the problem and fix it as part of their hosting service.
When looking for a web host, all are not the same. If you need high security for your web site and especially if you’re adding online applications and advanced forms, ensure that you have someone else (your web host) look over your shoulder to protect your data.