(Lunch Time Treat & Free Download) Is Your Business Data Only Half Protected?

Ramon-nyit-28_LowRes.jpgRecently I had the opportunity to speak with Susie Spencer, Senior Product Manager at Symantec about why growing businesses often focus on only ONE side of protection in their businesses.
May I suggest that you take 45 minutes and listen to our discussion. Maybe do this during lunch, encourage your colleagues and employees to listen. It’s important that everyone help to better secure your company’s vital, digital assets.
Before Facebook there were viruses. Before mobile apps, there was malware. But now with these new tools and services (like Facebook and mobile apps) being secure is even more important.
Many of you backup your data. But you ignore online, network and computer security. Others really try your best to plug all the security holes, but often times you don’t properly back up your data and in fact you don’t even secure your digital assets properly.
Your network, hard drives and personal information are only a mouse click away from malicious hackers or unscrupulous employees. Large businesses have the expertise and finances to protect their systems with the best that money can buy. Yet, we hear on a regular basis how their systems are successfully attacked, data stolen and identities stolen on a regular basis.

Register (it’s free) and get access to the 45 minute discussion and download Symantec’s Small Business Protection Guide.

Is there any chance for your growing business to properly protect itself? But of course!


Listen to Susie Spencer, Senior Product Manager at Symantec, and Ramon Ray, Editor & Technology Evangelist, Smallbiztechnology as we discuss how complete protection (backup and security) can ensure your business data is protected and secure from unauthorized access. During the webinar discussion you’ll hear tips and insight for online security and how to backup and ensure you can safely recover your information.
You’ll learn:

  • What the most dangerous threats are today
  • Why physical security is STILL important
  • Surprising sources of security attacks
  • What you need to do to be completely secure
  • Why data backup and recovery must be part of your protection plan
  • and more

susie_spencer_symantec2.jpgSusie Spencer is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager on Symantec’s SMB product marketing team and has been in the high-tech industry for over 18 years, with the last 8 years focused specifically on the backup and recovery market including driving go-to-market plans, messaging and training activities worldwide. Prior to joining Symantec, Susie spent over 12 years working for Novell, Incorporated where she managed the CNA, CNE and Master CNE certification programs.