Peter Shankman: Free WiFi Is A Security Threat

Peter Shankman (a world traveler, tech geek, 40,000+ Facebook fans, etc) writes about how free WiFi is a security hazard.
I’m on the 6:20am Amtrak from NYC to Boston right now. For a brief moment, I switched off my Sprint EVO 4G, and am using Amtrak’s free WiFi to prove a point.
I also installed a little Add-on to Firefox (I usually use Chrome, I switched to Firefox for this experiment,) called Firesheep.
If you haven’t heard of Firesheep, prepare to be really, really frightened.
I’m not a true tech geek, so please forgive me if I don’t totally speak Geek. Essentially, FireSheep allows you to see who’s connecting to various sites that don’t encrypt their HTTP login cookies, like Facebook, Evernote, Yahoo, Amazon, Dropbox, Gowalla, Twitter, WordPress, and others, to name a very limited few.
Once you see who’s connected, it’s a simple matter of double clicking on their name, and YOU ARE LOGGED INTO THEIR ACCOUNT, AS THEM.
Read his full post here.