Small Business Owners Are Very Smart. But Very Unproductive. Let Tech Help.

Many of the business owners I speak with are very, very smart. They have built and/or are building their businesses and succeeding. However, what I also often see are that many are not leveraging technology as they should. Many business owners are still bogged down with very manual business processes and not automating enough of their business.
Take a simple thing like scheduling clients or customer appointments. This should be done using the power of technology, but many business owners still have manual appointment schedules. This is very unproductive. There are many scheduling solutions on the market and MerchantCircle , a directory of local businesses, has recently announced one for merchants in its network.
The new service enables members of MerchantCircle to capture inbound appointment requests via easy-to-use calendaring tools, while managing their appointment schedules right from the Merchant Dashboard, all for free.
The Appointment Scheduler is available as an embeddable widget for members’ personal business websites in addition to their MerchantCircle listing to fully centralize appointments. Facebook integration will also soon be made available.
Now, consumers who wish to book an appointment with a local merchant can easily view availability and simply click on the “Book An Appointment” button on the business’s profile page to propose a time. Merchants will receive email notification that an appointment has been scheduled and a confirmation is required. Customers will be notified by email of confirmed appointments as well as 24 hour appointment reminders.
This calendar system is just one of dozens of technologies that can help a business owner be productive. Think about the power of mobility. There are so many ways a business owner can be as productive out of the office as they are in the office, if they leverage the power of mobile technology.
In financial management, instead of manually doing many tasks involved with cash management, consider a service such as as which has many built in automated tools to help you more quickly get back to business and out of managing your money.