The Cloud Is Quickly Evolving: Unlimited Storage Is Here

Storing documents online is a given. We all know about it – whether we are doing it or not. Carbonite,, Dropbox,, Egnyte and other companies all enable businesses to skip their traditional files servers and instead store flies in the cloud, enabling quick collaboration.
What’s been slightly limiting has been the amount you can store online. A few gigabytes is common, but what about 5? 10? 500 Gigabytes? This kind of storage means that for just about every business need, online storage solutions are quite practical.
Remember when we could only store 5MB online in our email? Then Google came and gave us 1GB+ storage? Then all the email storage providers boosted their email? This is what’s happening with the world of online file storage.
A recent press release reads Box is dramatically increasing the amount of free storage available to personal users from 1GB to 5GB, and starting the Business plan at 500GB of shared storage – more than triple the average currently available to Box Business customers. The Enterprise plan for large deployments will offer unlimited storage, enabling organizations to manage terabytes of data in the cloud with enterprise-grade security and sophisticated user permission settings. Expansive, elastic storage capabilities will become increasingly important in the coming years as enterprises and individuals experience a data explosion; a recent IDC report estimates that the amount of digital data generated in 2020 will exceed data generated in 2009 by 44X. Thanks to major improvements in hard drive efficiency and utilization, cloud services can scale to meet these demands without the maintenance, regular upgrades and fundamental limitations of on-premise solutions.
The common question asked by many small business owners, is, is my data safe. Online data storage companies are not perfect. However, they build into their systems, several layers of redundancy and backup to ensure that your data is as secure as possible. It’s probably more secure on their systems than on your own.
The benefits of moving your businesses file storage to the cloud is that you can share files easier, access files easier and overall have a better collaboration and file access experience.
I recently bought a 1TB external Western Digital hard drive for my network from BestBuy. I only paid one time for it and use it for archives. But as I use more storage and especially as that storage is used for more “live tasks” an online storage service might be something to consider.