Think Document Management Is Just for Big Biz? Here’s Four Growing Biz That Are Leading Paper-Less Solutions

Document management is one of those phrases that means different things to different people. To some, it means scanning documents and never seeing them again. For others it’s part of an active work flow management solution to enable documents, to be digitized and routed to the right person at the right time.
Cabinet NG, a leader in document management solutions awarded four of its small business customers who showed the most innovative uses of document management solutions. You’ll find these winners, saved time, saved money, increased productivity and even did their parts to be a great steward of the environment.
Here’s the companies that received recognition from Cabinet NG. You might find ideas for how your business can leverage document management solutions.

Capital Assets Planning (CAP) is a Vienna, Virginia-based Registered Investment Advisor firm that requires diligent communication and streamlined organization to manage its global portfolio of clients. In under a year, they digitized over 60,000 pages and shredded more than 1,700 pounds of their archived documents with CNG’s document management solution.
“By reducing our archives by over fifty percent, we were able to reduce our office space by 20%. The reduced rental expense and other cost savings, when added to the refined structure of our files, adds value to our company,” said Constance Dupras, CFP, CPA. “The digitization process gives us an opportunity to rethink the way we organize our files, and our new workflow helps us process our documents faster, easier and more consistently. The system enables us to more efficiently track tasks and, thus, has improved our client service. An audit by our Broker Dealer subjected our new digital filing system to regulatory scrutiny and we passed all the compliance tests with flying colors. CNG has increased the speed and security of our document management procedures, as well as our impact on the environment.”
Maya Assurance is a rapidly growing auto insurance company headquartered in Long Island, NY that needed to maintain compliance and tackle the need to retain documents without consuming prized real estate.
“We’ve measured savings of $400,000 with CNG-SAFE and its reliable file archiving meets our regulatory requirements,” says KJ Singh, vice president at Maya Assurance. “The increased efficiency in searching for files and documents is so phenomenal that we can increase the case load per person without increasing stress. It was a small investment in our IT infrastructure that had far greater ROI than anticipated.”
The Best Adoption of Electronic Workflow was present to the CNG customer whose use of CNG Workflow had the most dramatic impact on improving efficiency and reducing paper and paper related costs.
Based in Knoxville, TN, Pinkstaff, Simpson, Hall and Headrick, P.C is a certified public accounting firm that is in charge of the bookkeeping for several SONIC Drive-In franchises.
“Our previous filing system was unreliable due to different employee filing methods and each store using the same vendors – it was very easy to misfile vendor documents. If we needed a file, we had to go through stacks of paper or look at previously filed items which became very time consuming,” said Sharon Conder, CPA at Pinkstaff, Simpson, Hall and Headrick, P.C. After implementing CNG-SAFE and CNG-Books’ integration with QuickBooks, all of the entries could be handled at the same time. Also, all of the SONIC mangers can now scan and e-mail their invoices and daily summary reports directly to the CPA firm which saved almost $40,000 per year just on their FedEx bill. “We don’t have to rent any additional storage facilities and have saved so much time and energy by not spending hours trying to find a file. Now we find what we need with the click of a mouse,” said Conder.
Habilitative Services, Inc. is a Minnesota based company that provides outcome based services that enhance an individual’s quality of life by developing, maintaining or restoring skills, modifying the environment, and by using adaptive technology.
Kim Lyngaas, Lifestyle Specialist with the company, says CNG-SAFE helped streamline their information and patient data. “Rather than pursuing a database, we were able to maintain our documents and programs we were accustomed to, but organize them in a way that was easy to find and manage. Retrieval of information is much faster as is response time to issues that may arise (e.g., health concerns). Also, teams are now getting information and recommendations faster, which only stands to improve the quality of life of those they are supporting.”
“CNG customers are leaders in their industries and having invested in CNG-SAFE document management and workflow software demonstrates their savvy approach towards applying technology to make them more efficient and successful,” said Andrew Bailey, CNG president “This year, we honored our customers who have best used CNG-SAFE to improve their bottom line and at the same time operate their businesses in a more environmentally friendly manner. We applaud them for their accomplishments.”