Three Gurus Give 5 Tips for Selling Online: The Technology Therapist, The Small Biz Lady and AT&T’s Mobile Guru

From the GrowSmartBiz Conference / Small Business Technology Tour Rod Kirby’s The Big Business Show brings us insight in how to sell online.
Hear from:

Their tips include:

  • Make sure your web site has a call to action
  • Don’t just sell but educate
  • Have a tag line on your web site. You only have 7 seconds to get someone interested in your web site
  • If you’re investing the time in social media, make sure you have a good web site so you have some place to send people
  • Understand what you want an application for, before deciding if you should create one for your business

Live from the 2010 Small Business Technology Tour! from Rod Kirby on Vimeo.