Want Local Customers? Stop Whining and Devour Local Marketing Strategies.

20% of Google’s search queries are for LOCAL businesses. This means that you could be missing out on thousands of queries per day that are looking for the local services YOUR business offers.
At last week’s Taste of Technology Series the discussion (with Yelp and BuyWithMe) was all about how to leverage local search for your business.
BtoB writes Google Boost is a new paid search option for local businesses, priced from $100 a month. A Boost result will look like an organic result, but will link to a business’ website or its Google Places page.
Another new feature, Google’s Place Search, provides richer organic search results about local businesses, including photos and links to reviews from such sites as Yelp.com. Both Boost and Place Search are expected to augment Google’s Tags feature introduced earlier this year, a paid feature which highlights local businesses on Google Maps.

Whether its Yelp, Google, Bing or any other localized search engine it is critically important that you learn more about how to leverage these services for your business.
All of them have free options. But often times you have spend some money to make money. So also check out the fee based options. You should read the blog posts, check out the FAQs and dive into the video tutorials and learn all you can. As you learn more about local search you might want to have others on your staff learn more about it or hire someone to help you.