When A Winter Snow Storm Hits, Is Your Technology Ready To Help?

snow-storm.jpgIn the New York area we don’t get much snow. Maybe once or twice during the Winter season. Sometimes we get ONE “snow storm” that shuts the city down and becomes a big news item. Of course someone from Minneapolis would call it lightly raining. I know for some cities, when Winter comes, snow comes on a regular basis and it is a very serious issue.
When these snow storms happen and you can’t get to your office, are you still able to be productive? There’s a few solutions you can consider:
Use an online collaboration service like Dropbox, Carbonite’s Remote Access, SugarSync , Box.net or Egnyte
Another option is to ensure you can access the files on your file server through a VPN or other protected remote access option.
A third solution you should consider is giving your employees remote access to their desktop computers through a remote access program such as I’m InTouch, GoToMyPC, Laplink, LogMeIn and PcAnywhere.
Beyond remote file access, I’m In Touch also suggests that in case you can’t meet clients (or colleagues) you can use online meeting services to conduct virtual meetings.
Winter is coming, a storm might just be coming your way as well. When it comes, you should be ready – let technology help you.