Wondering Why Your Web Site Is Not Working? Here’s An Easy Way To Test Versions Of Your Web Site.

I guess I should not be, but I continue to be amazed at the awesome companies that are cropping up, providing an amazing array of services. Many of these services are not revolutionary ideas, on their own, but they enable smaller businesses to do what only larger businesses could do, as they had the financial resources, expertise and human assets to get it done.
There’s a service I just checked out Optimizely that pretty easily lets you take your existing web site, change it around and serve a variety of variations of the site to your web site visitors. This is called “A/B” testing.
What’s nice about this is that you can measure, from the Optimizely dashboard which variation is best. Over a period of time, you’ll be able to quickly see which version of your web site web site visitors were most engaged with.
Way cool.
But more than ‘cool’ it’s a boost in revenue and productivity for your online communication and sales options.
Optimizely is the brain child of Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen. The inspiration for Optimizely came from Dan’s experience as the Director of Analytics for the Obama Presidential Campaign and Deputy New Media Director for the Presidential Transition. Prior to co-founding Optimizely, Pete worked for Google where he was Product Manager for Google App Engine.
Watch more about Optimizely here.

Measuring what you are doing is so important, whether social media, email marketing, web sites or employee hiring success.
The email gurus at Campaigner have a treasure trove of seminars here, on measuring email marketing and doing testing of various email campaigns to see which one works.