2011: Not More Content. Better Content and Other Insight From Freelance Hiring

As you look back at the successes and challenges of 2010 there are many things to analyze. One thing you should review is what things you did RIGHT and how you could do them better. Also look at what you did in 2010 that might not be relevant in 2011.
Elance has a range of data points in looking at what its small business customers are buying from free lance agents. They can get a snap shot on which mobile platform is hot and which one is not. On what online marketing strategies work and on which ones don’t.
Four skills that made a big impact in 2010, according to Elance are mobility, quality content, the death of traditional marketing, and HTML5 vs Flash.
Their review of 2010 show the following insight on these areas, and some predictions for 2011:

Desktop Ditched for Mobile. Back in the day, the first step was to build a website, then build a mobile app afterward. However, consumers and businesses in 2010 have made it clear: With a 98% increase for mobile development jobs posted on Elance in 2010, touchscreen tablets and smartphones like iPhone and Android are clearly the number one priority. In 2011, it will be absolutely key for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs looking to construct new websites or revamp existing ones to design with mobile in mind. Expect to see simpler, cleaner, more straightforward web designs and a shift in design philosophy that puts mobile first and desktop second.
Only the Highest Quality Content Will Win. Keyword-rich content for search engine optimization was king in 2010, but that simply won’t cut it next year and beyond. Search engines like Google are beginning to find new ways to differentiate quality original content by tracking social media “buzz” through sites like Twitter and Facebook and its very own Google Buzz. Businesses won’t be hiring content creators for quantity anymore – it’s all about quality in 2011.
Traditional Marketing is Dead. The numbers do not lie. In 2010, businesses have signaled a shift in investments for freelance talent that has gone from traditional marketing techniques like direct mail, telemarketing and other forms of traditional marketing, to cutting edge forms of promotion and customer acquisition, like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Next year, traditional marketing will become even more obsolete as businesses will be drawn towards viral and social marketing methods.
HTML5 vs Flash: Flash is Alive and Kicking. One of the biggest tech stories of 2010 was the ongoing war waged between HTML5 and Flash. However, the rumors spun up by technology pundits around the world regarding Adobe Flash’s death have been greatly exaggerated, according to businesses working on Elance. While demand for HTML5 programmers continues to grow at an exponential pace, Flash maintains its position as one of the leading platforms for rich media content due to the rising popularity of casual gaming on the web and the loosening of Apple’s App Store restrictions.
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