2011 Resolution: Create an Editorial Calendar For Your Email Newsletter and Social Media

During Melanie Attia’s (Product Marketing Manager, Campaigner) latest webinar on how to better prepare your email marketing for 2011, one tip she gave was that instead of spewing out content to your customers, create an editorial calendar.
An editorial calendar lets your customers know what to expect and helps focus you and your staff.
My friend Rex Hammock writes in his latest newsletter the same tip. The same tip, from two experts? You should listen.
He writes, in reference to a case study of one of his clients that We helped develop an editorial schedule and guidelines that have helped make it easier for the CEO to anticipate and create posts that are not only popular with readers, but are rich in the types of content Google associates with potential clients of the company. Read his full article here.
What about your 2011 plans? Is an editorial calendar in the works?
You can still send quick, un-scheduled social media posts. However, it might be useful for your blog, email newsletter and social media to have an editorial calendar that can help focus your writing and leave your audience in expectation!