7 Ways Content Is The Best Way To Boost Sales: Content Is Still King

Companies with a budget for marketing can acquire new customers through active marketing: radio advertising, banner advertisements, search engine cost per click ads and other advertising.
However for those of us with small budgets the BEST way to market your business and nurture INBOUND marketing is to produce content and attract visitors to your web site, to sign up for your email newsletter, like your Facebook page (and etc) as they want to keep reading what you are producing.
Marketing Sherpa wrote about how Arthur Gehring, Director, Marketing, Makana Solutions, faced two hurdles in marketing his company’s subscription-based software that helps organizations perform sales compensation planning. First, their online service was a new category for most prospects, who set sales compensation goals and plan for those expenses using manual processes. Second, their target market was organizations with 50 or fewer sales reps.
Reaching these smaller businesses with traditional outbound marketing, such as email and advertising, was difficult and expensive. Instead, Gehring wanted a strategy that helped frustrated sales executives find Makana on the Internet. But since few prospects knew the software-as-a-service solution was available, they weren’t actively looking for it.

The solution was for him to revamp his web site and produce content. Gehring’s team revamped their website as an online destination for sales compensation planning best practices and practical advice. They created content, such as sample plans and webinars, and used SEO tactics to make sure those resources would be found by prospects searching for advice online.
Check out the Marketing Sherpa article for 7 ways that content is one of the best forms of marketing.
Writing content takes time and everyone can’t be an online publisher. However, every business cannot afford to not produce content and move away from just having a digital brochure.

  • Get stories from your customers
  • Produce a short and regular video series and post it on Brightcove and Youtube
  • Aggregate news and information from around that web that would be of interest to your customers

If you do not have time to do this and don’t have anyone on staff who can do it, it might be worth it to use Elance and or ask for referrals from your local professional association or chamber for professionals who can assist.