Bring Your Desk and Server Bound Data With You: FileMaker Customers Go Mobile

File Maker is the “old dog” of programs, but it keeps being refined, updated and upgraded so it’s an old dog that’s always fresh and learning new tricks (I cringed at the cliche too – but it fits).
For those Filemaker users who yearn to bring their data with them, an an iPad or iPhone Filemaker has apps for these devices that make it pretty easy to bring your data with you.
Machine to Machine writes “From the start, we wanted Go to seamlessly support single user and multi-user access and give Go users the same level of database management on the iPad and the iPhone as they have on their desktop, including direct access to dynamic and real time updating of the data. This is an advantage that we offer over other mobile databases. There’s no extra work for mobile users to do – just install FileMaker Go on the mobile device, and customers can open every database on a self-managed or a hosted FileMaker server. Everyone with access to that data can be interacting with it in real time no matter whether they are on the road with an iPhone, seeing patients in a clinic and using an iPad, or sitting at their desk. So everyone is reading and writing to a core database and accessing the latest changes. In fast-moving and highly mobile environments that means the entire group stays up to date.”