Content Is King: Assign A Company Reporter To Nurture The Kingdom

Developing content for your web site can be hard. You’ve got to think of topics, put together some sort of editorial calendar, take photos, take video and etc. That’s if you want a good blog.
The best way to do this is to assign someone in your company to be the company “reporter”. This person is tasked with weekly (or more or less) putting together your regular blog posts and email newsletter.
In a recent post on Infusion’s Blog they recommend that your company reporter can be tasked with:

  • Interviewing customers
  • Soliciting guest bloggers
  • Interviewing your colleagues
  • Doing a video interview
  • Putting together a nneak peek at upcoming stuff that your audience will care about
  • Responding to industry news and stats

These are just a few content ideas your company reporter, curator or “king of content” could do.
After a few weeks of doing this, and with encouragement and suggestions from you and his or her peers they’ll get better and better.
YOU NEED content to engage customers and drive traffic to your web site.
Assign a company reporter to help make that happen.