Google Cloud Connect: Seamlessly Use Google Docs with Microsoft Office

Most of us have grown up using Microsoft Office. It is the leading application for creating business documents. But many of us are now also using online applications such as Google Apps to create and manage our documents.
Microsoft Office is great for creating documents, but when you want to share them with a team the only option for very small businesses was a traditional file server. To collaborate with a distributed team out of the office, the options for collaboration without emailing were even less practical for growing businesses.
As the use of online applications has proliferated, Google and other companies such as HyperOffice, Web Office and Zoho have made this experience (of collaboration through the Internet, without emailing documents back and forth) much easier and cheaper.
Google has taken things a step further with a new, free, feature called Google Connect which allows you to work in Microsoft Office and access your Google documents.
Although many of us are quite comfortable editing documents using the Google Docs editor, others might want a more rich editing environment or just might feel more comfortable using a Microsoft Office application.
With Google Connect everyone can still use Google Apps applications for storing documents and collaboration. But for those users who might want to use Microsoft Office, they still can – using Google Cloud connect.