How Investing In Tech Tutoring Could Net Thousands of Dollars In Profit, e.g. My Google Analytics Insight From Zimana

You have dozens of variables, data points, concerns and challenges in regard to running your business. There is sales, customer service and support, marketing (to get new customers and keep the ones you have), financial management, hiring and employee management and so much more.
However, out of all these things I’m sure there are few key things that are the key drivers of the success (or failure of your business).

It is absolutely critical that you take the time to get insight from experts in how to improve these processes.

For example, last evening I spent an hour on the phone with Pierre DeBois of Zimana, a company specializing in understanding and strategically using Google Analytics as a powerful driver to grow your business.
I’m the “Technology Evangelist”. I know a lot about technology, but I do not know everything. For example:

So going back to Mr. DeBois, during our call he showed me more about the workings of Google Analytics and more importantly the rich data it can reveal that I never knew about.
Like many of you, I just use Google Analytics to know how much traffic I have. He want way beyond this to reveal WHO that traffic was, what they liked, why they came and more. Did I know Google Analytics could do this? Of course. But sometimes it takes an expert and an investment of your time and money (you’ve got to pay for good expertise) to help you (to maybe even force you) to do what you need to do to grow your business.
For my business, which is 50% about online content, Google Analytics is very important. It can help me obtain deeper insight into my audience and what they want.
What about you?
What’s most important to your business operations? Do you have a sales team that does cold calls? Maybe you should have a session with sales diva Adrian Miller. She called a guy 30 times (and left voice mails) and on the 31 first call, he was sold.
Or maybe your sales team was issued BlackBerries 5 years ago. It could be well past time to give them a 2 hour lesson in how to really maximize the tool and not just talk and send email.
Maybe your company is finding that they are using a web browser much more. It might not hurt to give them a 30 minute overview of that browser. It has a lot of power, beyond just tabs and scrolling a mouse.

Think about what the top 3 technologies are for your business and invest time to have an expert give you a deep dive into how to use it better.