Joomla! Is IT Software? Indian Food? Christmas Dessert? Neither…Powerful Web Development Platform

Last week I attended Joomla Day to speak to web site developers about how they could better serve their customers.
Joomla is a web development framework used to make web sites. It competes with WordPress, Movabletype, and any other service that helps you create a web site. You can program in Joomla on your own, but the smart way is to hire a developer to help you create a web site, using Joomla.
Small Business Trends writes about what Joomla is in the interview below:
“Joomla!” (that’s how it’s written, with an exclamation point), is a content management system (CMS) for creating websites. It’s become a popular system. At least one source claims that millions of sites use Joomla! globally.
I’ve never had the chance to use Joomla! myself, but I’ve wondered about it. So when we had the chance to catch up with Kevin Rice, who is a Joomla! enthusiast and developer, we jumped at it. Kevin is co-founder of Hathway, a digital media agency and custom site designer that uses Joomla! to build sites. Dive into the super-quick interview below and learn a little more about this platform.
Question: Joomla! has been described as an open-source software. We hear the word “open-source” and many of us benefit from it, but in layman’s terms what does it mean?
Kevin Rice, Hathway: Open Source literally means that the code is released openly and viewable to everyone, as opposed to being encrypted and un-editable. It is more of a way of thinking that involves the concept that knowledge should be shared in order to stimulate progress. In other words, Joomla! developers, leverage other developers code as building blocks for our projects, and make enhancements or modifications as needed to satisfy project requirements.
Question: Would you suggest Joomla! to a small business owner who is an Internet novice? In other words, is it a do-it-yourself option for building a site?
Read the full interview here