Not Knowing About New Tech Is Not An Excuse: It’s A Fear. Get Over It.

grovo-logo-alpha.pngTechnology will help your business do more than it could ever do. You know this.
However, while there are many businesses who are leveraging technology in new ways, there are many who are not. They stick with their old ways of doing things. Furthermore while some companies are embracing technology, as a whole, many of their employees refuse to embrace new technologies.
For example, uploading a file to Dropbox, is something that brings fear to them. Doing a Skype call gives them stomach aches.
My challenge to you, the business owner, entrepreneur and professional working in a small business or a larger business, is to educate yourself in how to better use the variety of online services.
One company that I’ve come across is Grovo, which has compiled a well produced series of videos educating you on all sorts of online technologies, such as Twitter, Dropbox, Google Docs and more. You can also get certified in these services.
Last year, you might have only been able to learn how to use these services by exploring them. However, now with services such as Grovo, you can learn the services first by getting online training and then get the experience by actually using them.
Grovo just updated their platform with 7 new courses: Dropbox, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter for Business, Highrise, Tumblr & Formspring and 2 updated courses: Twitter Personal & Facebook Page.