Rest, Relax and Stay Connected Using These Tech Tools (Mardy Sitzer)

mardysitzer.pngMardy Sitzer
Mardy Sitzer is President of Bumblebee Design & Marketing LLC and is a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional, armed with passion and experience. Her goal was to level the playing field for small to mid-sized organizations and not-for-profits. and to leverage technology for sound, creative and economical solutions for businesses.
Let’s face it; we are tethered to our streams of tweets and posts almost as much as we are to our emails. Being able to take off for a long weekend or even a full week or two vacation brings on anxiety attacks for some. Fretting that comments and posts could linger unanswered and precious fans and followers could be lost feeling ignored and rejected.
As you pack and prepare for your holiday getaways or even business trips, spend a few minutes checking out some of these tools to help you take off guilt and worry free. This is not an all-encompassing list by any means as I confess that I don’t have the time to check out the thousands and thousands of apps and tools but, I can share some I have discovered that work and are pretty cool.
Police are going to be cracking down on drivers talking on their mobiles so you want to make sure that you keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. This isn’t just to avoid tickets but it is also helpful in avoiding accidents. But if you just have to know what that emails says right this minute, or have a desperate urge to send one, you can check on some of these services: and

2. If you are worried that your facebook fan page will get neglected you can subscribe to and get an email when fans post or comment on your fan page.
3. Want to keep in the loop with what is happening in your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace accounts? Go ahead and sign up for and set the notices for once a day or to every hour – that is up to you.
4. If you want to work on your computer, you can log in remotely using your laptop. There are several services that give you remote control over your computer. A couple we have been testing are: and
5. Remembering to call into your office phone to get your messages, well if you are like me sometimes you forget. So I got my phone service to take my office phone messages, convert them to mp3 files and email them to me as they happen. Check with your phone service and see if they have this service available. This is one that I just love.
These are just some tools that will set you free from your desk and get you out of the office. But on a more personal note I would like to suggest that you remember to live in the moment. If you are with family and friends for the holidays, put the phone on mute and give those you care about your undivided attention. Trust me when I tell you that what ever it is in your email, on Facebook or Twitter – it can wait. Being in the moment with those in your life that you care about, you can never get those moments back.
And what is working for you? Care to share some applications that have given you
some freedom and success?