Skype’s Outage: Can You Trust It? Can You Trust Other Online Services?

So Skype went down for two days. For those of you relying on Skype’s service this could be debilitating, to say the least, to your business.
Without telephone service your business is severely limited. Some of you use Skype directly as your main source of phone calling. Others use it as an intermediary for a variety of things, such as video calling, chatting and sharing your screens with customers.
Skype’s outage is not the first nor the last downtime you’ll find in online services. Cable service goes down at times. Right? Sometimes an ATM machine is not working. Right? Google, Microsoft Online, eBay and all the other services will invariably go down. Down for a few minutes, maybe hours is understandable. But for two days – we hope that’s VERY rare and far between.
So my advice to you is to TRUST and USE online services. However, you must THINK about what you’ll do if the service you normally use is disabled or out of service for any length of time.

For Skype users – there’s always a cell phone you can temporarily use. If your Internet service goes down, you could always use a dial up modem or a broadband wireless device from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless.
Some services will be harder to replace than others, but with careful planning you’ll ensure that the next outage of your online service will be at most an annoyance and not a disaster.
Follow the Skype disaster here.
Here’s a video post form Skype’s CEO: