(Video) Use Video To Give More Visibility and Engagement To Your Online Communications – Marvin Bzura, B2BVid @ NYXPO

Video is a great way to add life to your communications, engage your web site visitors and overall drive traffic to your web site. There’s two ways to do video – the right way and the wrong way.
On the occasion of NYXPO 2010 Ramon interviewed Marvin Bzura of B2BVid.com about how to better use video.
Ramon and Marvin cover a variety of tips and insight about video including web cams (get one with a glass lens), get video of your happy customers, add your video to multiple video hosting services and for a video about YOUR business ask and answer ten questions about your business!
B2Bvid.com is a global video business network where small and mid-size business owners can network, showcase their company & utilize video over the Internet for communicating, training, publicity & advertising. B2BVid.com offers solutions to help harness the power of streaming media – from video production for all budgets to set-up of a company’s own media center for webcasting, video chat, video emails & more.