(Video) Want To Engage Local Customers? MerchantCircle Can Help

For most businesses, be you in New York City, Miami, Detroit or a small town in Kansas it’s small LOCAL businesses that are powering are economy. Sure, very large businesses, the Fortune 500, have hundreds of thousands of customers. But it’s the 25 million small businesses with 5, 10, 20, etc employees that are the bread winners of the US economy.
Having said that, the smallest of these businesses – the hair dressers, plumbers and lawn restoration specialists rely on local customers for their day to day cash flow. Those of you with these very small businesses probably don’t have the time or know how to create a web site, engage with your customers or even create an online coupon book.
You can do this with some programming and hiring a web developer or you can turn to an online service specializing in local customer engagement.

is one vendor that has a powerful platform to help you do this.
Sean Pate of MerchantCircle spoke with Smallbiztechnology.com’s Ramon Ray about this