Why Smart Businesses Automate Their Marketing and Communication

We all want to obtain more customers and we all want to keep the ones we have. There’s two ways to do this, the hard way and the easy way.
The hard way is a manual mishmash of email marketing, event registration, webinar sign ups, Excel spreadsheets, forms and copy and paste.
The smart way is a smooth blend of automation which enables you to send out marketing messages, via email, social media or other wise. Receive input based on those outbound messages such as registration fulfillment requests for downloads, etc.
The more you can automate your marketing solutions the better it is for your business.
Marketing Sherpa has a great case study of how My Sales Tactics leveraged an automated marketing solution to help it do more in less time to boost her online event registration process.
Barb Girson used this integrated marketing automation tool to combine her event marketing with her email marketing database. This integration allowed her to create invitations and then send emails to people who indicated interest in an event. Her next step was to create a landing page for the event on the My Sales Tactics website with a link where respondents to the email could register. The entire process could be integrated with PayPal so everything from event creation to collecting payment was highly automated.
This automation significantly improved online event registration for My Sales Tactics. Girson explains that once she’d import the list of registered contacts, a spreadsheet was automatically created.

One thought on “Why Smart Businesses Automate Their Marketing and Communication

  1. Local Internet Marketing

    As a small business owner myself I find the more things I can automate the less stressed I am and the more time I can spend doing things I love.
    Small and local businesses often overlook and definitely underutilize email marketing to capture and engage potential customers. This is so surprising because this is the lifeblood of many who are making a living online. The Money Is Still In The List!

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