WordPress Is Good. Tumblr Looks Deliriously Awesome. Check It Out

WordPress is an awesome blogging platform used by so many of us. I was clued in to Tumblr from Crains NY. I had a look and it looks wickedly feature rich and frankly makes WordPress look old.
Crain’s NY writes “Tumblr is an interesting fusion between a blog and a Twitter feed,” said Alex Romanovich, founder and managing partner of Manhattan-based Social2B, which helps small businesses integrate social medial and blogging into their marketing strategies.
Something else to keep in mind: Tumblr, like other services, offers a hosted option or a nonhosted one. For maximum control of blogging content and the look and feel of blogs, the nonhosted option offers business owners the ability to create their blogs on their own servers. That rules out any issues about ownership of content, such as famously exists with Facebook. WordPress offers a nonhosted environment, and so does Drupal, an open-source alternative.

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