Your Next Computer Will Have No Software..Except A Browser

There was a time, many years ago, when Oracle and other large companies tried to get us to not load software on the computers, but to use “dumb terminals”, like any airlines and others use. Their vision was too much too soon.
However, today, we’re ripe for software-less computing and many of us are doing it now, in many ways.
My day in fact is mostly inside of a browser. The only programs I use are QuickBooks (I might switch to QuickBooks Online but am just holding back due to the $30 a month charge – when I can use QuickBooks for the one time cost of the software) and Tweet Deck. I like it better than HootSuite’s browser interface.
Through a web browser, I can access all my online services – Dropbox (file sharing), Carbonite (backup), email, web site management and so many other tools.
Google has a prototype computer that is only loaded with a web browser – Chrome of course. You access all your programs online. Anything you need to save, you save in the cloud. As it is, you can do that, by saving to, Zoho, Google Docs and any number of other great online services.
Yesterday I was briefed by Verizon Wireless about their 4G launch. Right now, 4G is only available for computers (not mobile phones). However by 2011, phones will also be 4G ready.
Is it fast. I saw it with my own eyes – it’s blazing fast and runs a Netflix video just like my FIOS connection in my home.
Broadband is the killer app. Hosted applications will ride this wave and enable YOUR business to be much more productive.
Storage is something you’ll need less of, as large companies will be hosting everything for you.
Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal writes about Google’s web browser only notebook here.