10 Website and Website Design Trends For 2011 – from Shashi The Digital Swami

Your web sites is one of the most important parts of your business. Sure you must have a great email newsletter, your blog has to be stellar and of course you must be at the top of your social media game. However, I still think a great web site is king. You can see 10WebSiteMusts.com for my take on this.
My friend Shashi Bellamkonda writes for Small Business Trends what the 10 trends will be in 2011 for web sites and web site design.
They are:
Flexible Web Sites
HTML 5 (less flash)
Online newsrooms
Staying Secure
Social Sharing and Shopping
Mobile Commerce
Website Measurement
Mobile Content
Locate, Check In and Review
If you want to know the details of what each of these mean, check it out here.