4G Is Here. It’s Not For Everyone (Yet) But For Many. Lots Of Products

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Clear (and other wireless carriers – are there any?) are all ramping up to offer more and more 4G broadband wireless in 2011. 4G broadband wireless is powerful as it will:

  • Change the way we compute home. Some might not need traditional DSL or Cable – and instead have 4G
  • For on the road professionals high speed data movement, like video conferencing makes sense on the road

At CES Verizon Wireless released a boat load of devices from LG, HTC, Samsung and HP (see the list below).
If you’re looking to move “faster” in 2011, you definitely can. 3G, I do think is “good enough” but for data intensive applications, 4G is going to be a must.
As you upgrade your devices to leverage 4G be aware of any additional fees you’ll be charged. Walt Mossberg,in a recent WSJ article writes that Verizon’s 4G is “wicked fast” but watch your pocket.