Big Opportunity For Non Techies To Help Small Biz With Tech

I was recently reading about MobiFlex, a self-service portal that lets you create smartphone custom apps in a few hours — without coding. Working with all browsers, it supports smartphone native resources such as GPS, the camera, and robust back-end data access.
As I was reading how easy and economical it was to create a smartphone app, I thought what an opportunity for smart freelancers or others.
Let’s think about web sites. It’s pretty easy for anyone, on their own, to build a pretty good, feature rich and well designed blog or web site. It just takes time.
What about an email newsletter. It’s not rocket science. Just time to develop one with great content.
What about remote access? No longer do small businesses need VPNs, there are many turn key solutions that work with just a low monthly fee, including LogMeIn which is very nice or hybrid solutions like Egnyte.
I could go on. But with a little commitment in time smart freelancers can learn a variety of online tools and do the work that in the past IT specialists could only do.
Think about a service like Grovo, it’s a powerful platform to help you learn how to use a growing list of online services.
Small business owners have NO excuse to not better leverage technology as a tool to grow their businesses. The ecosystem of professionals who provide services to small businesses (I’m speaking to the Elance and Odesk crowd here) have no excuse not to do MORE with technology to help their small business clients.

There’s two more important things to add here:
1. Being able to use a tool is one thing, being able to use it properly and with experience is something else. Ensure that you not only know how to use an email marketing service, for example, but ensure that you learn how to leverage email marketing to grow your business.
2. What about IT consultants? These warriors of technology are still needed. For very small businesses, they can do many things on their own. But for businesses with 5 or more employees having an IT consultant to help manage technology and oversee the businesses use of technology is critical.