Consumerization Of Technology: Why It’s Good For Your Business (OPEN@CES) #openlive

In conjunction with American Express OPEN Forum is covering CES, bringing you the hottest and best technology out of thousands of vendors for your growing business.
Microsoft had a HUGE press conference (hundreds? thousands? of us gathered in a ballroom) at the Las Vegas Hilton and showcased a variety of new technology:

  • upgrades to xBox Live to enable voice and hand waving navigation; also how it can serve as an entertainment system
  • Windows Phone 7 (which indeed is a great phone)
  • Microsoft Surface (a big touch based table or flat panel)
  • a preview of new mobile computers launching with Windows 7, including very small chips which enable Windows 7 to run on tiny appliances that are not traditional PCs

There was nothing in Microsoft’s presentation focused on businesses. This is not a complaint just a fact.
HOWEVER, what’s interesting about this presentation is that with the flurry of technology coming out and so much of it “way cool” and very advanced (the xBox/Kineitc demo was amazing) I’m thinking that some of this technology could also work for business.
Thanks to Apple, more of us now expect our business devices to be cool and feature rich. As you see your children’s entertainment options blossom expect to see your office technology become much more feature rich and enhanced with accessories and gadgets as well.
When you buy consumer based technology for “mission critical” uses ensure you work with your IT consultant to ensure the technology is good enough for your business. You don’t want to purchase a device, built for consumers, and find that it’s not powerful to support your customers, for example.