Do You Talk On The Phone A Lot In The Car: Get Jabra’s CRUISER2 Speakerphone

jabra-CRUISER2_Product_01.pngI don’t make a lot of phone calls or talk much in the car, as I’m not in the car that much.
However, I know many of you conduct much of your business in the car and talk on the phone quite a bit. A headset is one option, but I think a better option is a car speaker phone such as Jabra’s Cruse2.
I’ve used the older one, but this one looks much better and has some new features like not just telling you the phone number of who is calling, but also telling you WHO IS CALLING, if you have them in your address book.
Jabra’s press release highlights some of the best features:
With the launch of the CRUISER2, Jabra is looking to provide a “no excuses” approach to hands-free driving in an effort to change consumer behavior. The CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone is compatible with a wide variety of third-party apps that allow users to listen to music or hear incoming text messages and emails, making communicating on the road safer and easier. The CRUISER2 has several features that make it easy-to-use and set it apart from other speakerphones including Caller ID – the speakerphone ‘talks’ to the user, telling you who is calling, exactly how you have the caller programmed into your mobile phone (for example, “Mom calling” or “Martin Work calling”) – and Voice Announcements that provide audio guidance when setting-up the device and to clearly announce connectivity status and low battery levels.
In addition, the CRUISER2 features Noise Blackout™ technology that reduces ambient sound without compromising voice quality, the Jabra CRUISER2 features strategically placed microphones that are able to distinguish between background noise and the caller’s voice, ensuring optimized audio without distracting noise from other passengers or outside traffic. With enhanced Multiuse™ technology that allows users to connect two devices – mobile phones, smartphones and MP3 players – to the in-car speakerphone at the same time allowing for two “active” connections as well as the ability to transmit and play MP3s from a mobile device to the car’s stereo system via the speakerphone.