Fedex Is Great. But Only When Scanning Won’t Do

I love Fedex and UPS. These couriers can take a box and have it to another state the next morning. That’s fast. However, for businesses that need to get a document from point A to point B, there is little (or NO) need to send that document in the mail, when a document management solution will work.
There’s simple solutions where you can just scan a document and mail it.
If you have lots of paper you’ll want a proper document management solution that integrate into the software you use on a daily basis.
Cabinet NG (CNG) has a variety of scanning solutions. One of them is called CNG-SAFE, which is a document management solution that has a plug in for Quickbooks, CNG-BOOKS. Accountants and their customers have found this solution a time and money saver.
You can enter documents into Quickbooks and not have to deal with external paper getting lost of entered incorrectly.
Another solution is Xerox DocuShare, I interviewed them about their solution here.

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