Leveraging Tech In Health Care Administration Is Here – You Just Have To Look For It

healthcare_it.jpgAnytime debates come to a crescendo in regard to health care, one of the discussions is about the back end administration of our health care – things such as digital records, information sharing and more.
Depending on what you read, you’ll note the dismal state of the health care industry, especially in regard to records management. But in other places, such as articles in Fast Company Magazine you’ll see that many hospitals are indeed revolutionizing how they manage their health care systems. Their doing this to save money and to improve the overall efficiency.
Cabinet Ng has a long history of document imaging and has a variety of solutions for small businesses.
They said that one of their customers, American Outcomes Management (AOM), a physician owned and operated leader in home infusion (IV therapy) services is using Apple’s iPad to integrate patient information and work flow so that a field nurse can choose the type of form they want to fill out — this could include supply request forms, expense reports, medication profiles, Rx and even verifications with insurance companies.

This is not rocket science, not government mandated but it showcases that whether you’re in the medical business, lawn care, accounting or fashion industries it’s not that technology is not available to businesses, it’s that business leaders need to make the decision to leverage technology as as a tool to grow their business.
In the case of AOM, their seeing four clear benefits of technology in their business:

  • Billing efficiency – able to bill for nursing visits in minutes rather than weeks or months
  • Organization – everything is filed electronically vs. multiple rooms filled with paper documents and filing cabinets
  • Forms are more legible in a digital format – no need for verification or explanation due to illegible handwriting
  • Improved workflow – data collected by the nurses is inputted electronically, streamlining billing and patient medical chart maintenance

Is your business operating as efficiently as it could?