Memjet: Launching New Printers (Faster and Cheaper) For Your Business – Open@CES – #openlive

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At CES Memjet showcased a blazing fast laser jet print. It’s expected to be cheaper and faster than anything else on the market.
The San Diego Union Tribune writes Memjet’s business model is not to make printers. Instead, it wants to provide “print engines” — the printhead, ink, software and semiconductor chips — to partner companies. Those partner companies will design the printers, paper trays and so on, then sell the devices under their own brand names.
The printer market already has some clear market leaders, so it might be a challenge for Memjet to break into the market. On the hand it’s partners, such as Lenovo and other large vendors who are not in the printing market, but hungry to get into the market can partner with Memjet to launch their own lines of printers.
Keep your eye posted on Memject powered printers.